A Natural Environment for Play & Learning

The preschooler program (for children 3 to 5 years old), located in our beautiful classroom, offers a combination of nurturing care and holistic education that is based on the children’s unique needs and interests.

Staff strive to create an environment that envelops the children with softness, by incorporating materials that calm and comfort the children, and by using an approach to guidance that is gentle and kind. 

Staff also aim to prepare and facilitate a program that is both interesting and enjoyable. Using nature as inspiration, they integrate natural materials throughout the curriculum, including ample time for outside play. The children’s learning is also documented, so that children, educators, and families can appreciate the children’s thinking and feeling, and so they can add information and materials to best support their learning.

Outdoor Play

We are a centre that embraces play outside in our natural environment.  We invested in muddy buddies so that every child can dress appropriately for the changing weather and enjoy a play outside in all weather.

Healthy, Fresh Meals

We have a full time cook who works out of our commercially licensed kitchen to provide two meals and a snack each day to all children.

In the preschooler program:  children are fed fresh food prepared by our cook.  Includes daily homemade bread and fresh fruit.