Gentle & Loving Care for Little Ones

We provide gentle and loving care to little ones (0 to 3 years old) in one of two carefully-arranged rooms: the infant room, the tweenie room, and the toddler room.

We follow a primary care model, whereby each caregiver builds a relationship with a child and family, and this caregiver is then responsible for that child’s care and well-being throughout the day. In this way, the child’s trust in those around him/her is nurtured, and the child is more secure as he/she explores the world.

Rooms Designed for Infants and Toddlers

Each room is designed to meet the unique needs and interests of infants and toddlers, and is equipped with an area for playing and exploring, sleeping, eating, diapering and/or toileting. You’ll find an assortment of beautiful and interesting play materials for your little one to explore, in a space that is clean and cozy, bathed in natural light, and filled with age-appropriate furnishings.

Healthy, Fresh Meals

We have a full time cook who works out of our commercially licensed kitchen to provide two meals and a snack each day to all children.

In the baby room:  staff prepare and serve homemade baby food.

In the tweenie and toddler room:  children are fed fresh food prepared by our cook.  Includes daily homemade bread and fresh fruit.